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who we are

We are an independent graphic design studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded and directed by Facundo Caffa. Graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Baisha was born in 2012, as a project that arose from a desire to improve every step of our client's growth, providing an effective professional response to them across multiple industries.

Design from scratch

For us, it's essential to incorporate design into daily life, as well as at the beginning of any business project. We believe that design transcends beyond mere aesthetic value. Our purpose is to enhance and provide knowledge and understanding to brands and users, where co-creation occurs from the mix of strategic and creative thinking. We work holistically with ambitious founders to build, launch, and grow early-stage companies from scratch.

Small but powerful

We are an independent studio that, after knowing, understanding, and studying your needs, will propose tailor-made solutions for your projects. Each process is different, with different people and contexts, no matter the magnitude of each project, we prioritize the quality of work in the process, that's why for each one we have solutions and equipment ad-hoc.

We never walk alone!

One of the things we like the most is collaborating with friends and external professionals who enhance our work processes and results. We create this collaboration network, always thinking towards the benefit of your projects.